Neverland, a Y Combinator marketplace tech startup, came to UPRISE looking for a marketing advisor and strategic consulting. Working with the brand from the very early ideation stage, UPRISE has helped shape and guide Neverland in branding and identity, strategy, advisory board assembly, celebrity investments, marketing and out to market strategy, and brand awareness.

  • Advised the brand from ideation stages 

  • One of the first ever brands to be invited to Y Combinator

  • Assisted in advisory board assembly

  • Introduced to key celebrity partners, investors and VC funds

  • Provided warm intros to other founders

  • Consulted on press narrative

  • Grew the brand's Instagram account to over 150k followers

  • Established a look & feel for the brand's social media channels

  • Assisted in growth hacking and establishing a waiting list for the brand as well as a targeted email community



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