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We Give Brands A Space To Evolve.

UPRISE Management is a 360˚ full-service marketing, branding and creative agency for luxury, premium and digital brands, as well as leading e-commerce giants. Our dynamic team of visionaries and specialists passionately serves the creative development and marketing strategies of leading brands with their broad experience and extensive expertise in beauty, tech, food & spirits, lifestyle and hospitality.

Whether through advertising campaigns, digital packages, strategic rebranding, celebrity and talent sourcing, or a blend of all disciplines, we deliver visually rich solutions and the contemporary marketing strategies of the digital era – all in conjunction with integrated media photography, video and global production services from start-to-finish. We are fervently committed to facilitating your brand’s evolution by influencing your target audience with unique, enticing content and complimenting all of your communication channels within both national and international markets.

About Us



We Find Bliss In Your Brand's Success.

Our philosophy is to capture the essence and potential within your brand and facilitate its evolution from start to finish. We consult and build strategy throughout the entire partnership, streamlining creative direction & strategic alignment while overseeing PR crises. Our dynamic team advises and informs on any emerging circumstances relating to product planning and brand expansion, as we are committed to augmenting your brand’s success and accentuating its singularity.



Always simple. Always unique. Always inspiring.

In today’s digital era, we deliver strategy-driven branding, high profile celebrity sourcing, forward-thinking creative marketing and visually rich solutions - all in conjunction with integrated media photography, video and global production services from start-to-finish. 

  • Our social media campaigns have helped clients reach 10x followers and 20x revenue in less than a year.

  • Our unparalleled access to top influencer and celebrity talent gives us access to over 500 million combined followers.

  • We’ve generated more than 10 million dollars in new revenue for past clients through creating and executing full-service marketing, social media, and digital campaigns.

  • Our marketing campaigns have brought in hundreds of thousands of new customers and billions of impressions. We’d be happy to send you some case studies.

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