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Tasked with launching their first independent product, Hubble Connected engaged UPRISE Management to develop and execute a comprehensive go-to-market strategy. The objective was to establish Roo in a competitive marketplace previously dominated by established brands under licensing agreements.

Strategic Approach:


  • Market Entry Strategy: Developed a robust market entry plan that included detailed market analysis, positioning strategy, and competitive analysis to identify optimal market opportunities and potential challenges.

  • Influencer and Celebrity Strategy: Leveraged our extensive network to initiate a strategic influencer campaign, utilizing both macro and micro-influencers along with key celebrity endorsements to drive awareness and credibility.

  • Retail Integration: Coordinated with major retail chains such as Target and Walmart to ensure a streamlined product rollout, focusing on logistics and in-store marketing strategies to maximize consumer engagement.


Execution and Impact:

  • Market Penetration: Successfully facilitated the market entry of Roo, achieving significant shelf presence and consumer uptake in major retail outlets.

  • Brand Visibility: Enhanced brand visibility and market presence through strategic influencer engagements and celebrity endorsements, resulting in over 500 million media impressions.

  • Strategic Ad Campaigns: Directed targeted ad campaigns on digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram, focusing on strategic placements and optimized messaging to boost engagement and conversions.

  • Award Recognition: The effectiveness of the launch strategy was affirmed by winning the 2020 Parents Magazine Best in Family Tech award, highlighting the product’s innovation and market fit.

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