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Hubble Connected hired UPRISE for assistance in creating strategies for their new unique product launch, influencer and celebrity exposure and elevating product assets. The client has had tremendous success launching products under a licensed brand, but this was their first independent product launch. UPRISE advised on all aspects of marketing, PR, talent procurement and growth hacking.

  • Produced a full-length commercial as well as cut downs for social media marketing

  • Created high-quality imagery to elevate the brands look

  • Generated over 500 million impressions through press and media

  • Ran the entire ad campaign on Facebook and Instagram

  • Oversaw the successful launch at Target and Walmart

  • Activated major celebrities to share and amplify the campaign to their collective following of over 150 million followers

  • Managed over 40 influencer campaigns

  • The campaign won the 2020 Parents Magazine Best in Family Tech award

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