MaskFone hired UPRISE exclusively to advise and create strategy, oversee operations, design, production, fulfillment, sales, marketing and PR for their first unique product launch. Since this was a necessary product during the pandemic, UPRISE ensured that the turn-around time was efficient and quick, between the product design, production, and the major release strategy, worldwide.

  • Assisted with the design of the product

  • Advised on B2C packaging for the sales and marketing teams

  • Secured production overseas during the time of the pandemic

  • Produced 2 full-length commercials and animation videos as well as cut downs for social media marketing

  • Created high-quality imagery to elevate the brand's look

  • Assisted in the design of the brand's website

  • MaskFone won multiple design and innovation awards including International Business Times Best of 2021, Wired UK, Best of CES 2021, Good Housekeeping and more

  • Generated over 50 billion impressions through press and media

  • MaskFone was featured in over 200 major publications, across the world, including CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Forbes, CNET and more

  • Managed all aspects of the brand's Instagram account and grew it to 65k followers



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