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Endorsing with Authenticity 

UPRISE influencer campaigns are always unique and organic. Our activated influencers behave naturally and personably towards their audiences with simple, clear, and positive messaging around your brand. We ensure such acquisitions meet an array of standards, such as possessing over 3% engagement, over 90% real followers, impact on niche markets, and a high conversion history.

Influencers are vital for getting in front of your target consumers. They create trends, promote products, and most importantly, continuously go viral.


Our influencer campaigns are ongoing efforts that include sourcing hundreds of macro and micro-influencers, aligning them with your brand and its demographics, and ensuring they promote your products on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.


The more influencers and the more frequent the posts, the more consumers will notice your brand, which leads to brand recognition, awareness, and sales. 


Through a methodical, three-month trial, we analyze over 120 influencers and delineate which figures ideally suit your brand, ensuring they can effectively create buzz around your product, whether to spread market awareness, generate sales or establish credibility.

We particularly work with influencers possessing about 10k – 500k followers, at least 90% of whom are real, and ensure that they have over 5% engagement.

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Influencer Partnerships

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